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My skill for strategic thinking, solving intractable challenges and my passion for the underdog converged in 2013 when I launched Bold Blue Campaigns, a strategic and political services corporation created expressly to help Democratic state and local candidates run strong, credible, competitive campaigns no matter where they are in the country. Recognizing the funding and staffing limitations of these smaller, lower-profile campaigns, I devised a way to ensure that these candidates had the support they needed to run against our opposition.

Over the years we've helped over 250 candidates and campaigns and have assisted many others. We have established relationships with organizational stakeholders and policy aligned interests as well.

In 2019, realizing that elections are not enough, I took time to deconstruct how our opposition seems to remain in power, even when they are not in the majority. In 2020, I created a Five Point Power Acquisition Plan for the American Left which is explained in the book Punching Nazis: A Plan to End the Republican Party.

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