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Nobody can change the world alone.

Over the years I have had the good fortune to have access to mentors, leaders, thinkers, speculators, innovators and a host of really extraordinary people who have, in some significant way, aided and supported me in my endeavors. These people have helped me dream big, plan big and live my life without unnecessary limits. 


My Inner Circle is a private place where I share my budding ideas, current endeavors and potential investments with those I have come to trust. I keep these business-related goings-on in my "board room" rather than try to communicate with perpetually busy people individually. Members check in when they can, ask questions, give feedback and offer advice, encouragement or backing. It's like having my own advisory panel, Board of Directors and cheering squad all rolled into one! For this I am infinitely grateful.

I'm always interested in more knowledge, more insight, broader perspective, influential connections and more support. If you are interested in building a relationship of trust and becoming a part of my advice and support network, let me know. 

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